The Best, Most Delicious Food Tour in Madrid

The Best, Most Delicious Food Tour in Madrid

The historic skyline of Madrid, Spain on a trappy sunny day
Last Updated: 5/12/22 | May 12th, 2022

During my first visit to Madrid, I was so sick I didn’t do anything besides stay in bed. So, when I finally managed to get when to Spain, I knew I had to requite Madrid the sustentation it deserved.

And that involved a lot of eating.

Since the municipality is famous for its incredible supplies scene, I wanted to take a supplies tour to learn well-nigh the history of Madrid’s cuisine and learn what I should be ordering when I wander into restaurants. When I asked virtually for the weightier supplies tour in Madrid, many friends pointed me to Devour Madrid (formerly Madrid Supplies Tours). It turns out the tour run by a fellow blogger I had met at a priming previously (small world)!

They took me virtually the municipality and taught me the history of Madrid’s supplies scene. Not only did I get to try some mouth-watering supplies but I learned a lot well-nigh the history of the municipality ad how that has influenced its cuisine.

To show you just how wondrous the supplies scene is here, here’s a video I filmed on my supplies tour:

Since supplies was the focus of my visit, I ate a ton while I was here. If you’re looking to explore the city’s food, some of the weightier foods worth trying during your visit are:

  • Chocolate con churros
  • Cocido Madrileño (pork stew)
  • Bacalao (salted cod)
  • Huevos Rotos (potatoes and eggs)
  • Fresh olives
  • Oreja a la Plancha (pig ears)
  • Jamon Ibérico

I spent four days in Madrid and substantially just ate my way virtually the city, moving from market to market and tapas restaurant to tapas restaurant.

Even without a supplies tour, it’s incredibly easy to wander this trappy municipality and eat wondrous food. But, if you really want to get overdue the scenes and learn well-nigh the city, its food, and its culture, take a supplies tour in Madrid. You’ll learn much increasingly that way and have a much increasingly insightful and nuanced experience!

Disclaimer: Despite me offering to pay, Lauren and James provided the supplies tour for free.

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Book Your Trip to Spain: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight
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Want a Guide?
Madrid has some really interesting tours. My favorite visitor is Take Walks. They have expert guides and can get you overdue the scenes at the city’s weightier attractions. They’re my go-to walking tour company!

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