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A Travelers Manifesto: 30 Travel Rules to Live By

A Travelers Manifesto: 30 Travel Rules to Live By

As travelers of the world, we have a unique opportunity to unravel lanugo barriers, foster cultural exchange, and create a positive impact on communities virtually the world. We can siwash stereotypes of our own cultures, stimulate the local economy, and bring fresh ideas and perspectives.

Travel can be a life-changing wits — not only for the destination you are visiting but moreover for yourself. It helps us walk yonder a largest version of ourselves and with a largest understanding of the world.

Yet too often, travelers wilt the worst versions of themselves — throwing up on streets, stuff obnoxious to locals, taxing that places conform to their needs, contributing to waste and overtourism, and ignoring local customs.

Too many travelers treat destinations as their personal hedonistic plaything.

Therefore, in order to foster positive social exchange, get the most out of travel, and be awesome, I say that we travelers take the pursuit pledge so we can be the kind of people other travelers want to know and locals don’t hate, as well as largest for it:

1. I will read well-nigh where I’m going surpassing I get there.

2. I will be respectful of local cultures and customs.

3. I will learn some phrases in the local language.

4. I will try one thing I’m wrung of.

5. I will not turn cheapness into a competition, since travel is not a race to the bottom.

6. I will eat the local food.

7. I will not haggle over less than a dollar.

8. I will not be a loud, obnoxious traveler that demands that locals conform to my values.

9. I will have patience.

10. I will be humble.

11. I will have no regrets well-nigh partying until dawn, but I will be respectful of my hostel dorm mates and their sleep.

12. I will learn to hold my liquor. If not, I will limit my intake.

13. I will understand that traveling is not an excuse to requite up on personal hygiene.

14. I will not ask fellow travelers the same questions over and over again; instead, will get to know them vastitude where they are going, where they’ve been, and how long they are traveling for.

15. I will not turn travel into a competition, since it is a personal experience.

16. I will not tell people how many places I’ve been – considering no one cares.

17. I will not whine well-nigh how a destination was so much largest ten years ago, nor will I listen to those who do. Considering who cares? All you have is now. You can’t go when to the past.

18. I will not judge people on how often they return to a destination.

19. I will not be a smugly superior backpacker and judge others for how they travel.

20. I will not judge people for not packing light or eating repletion supplies when they finger homesick.

21. I will remember to get off Facebook, put my camera down, and enjoy the moment.

22. I will travel slow.

23. I will have no regrets well-nigh changing plans at the last minute.

24. I will go in any direction my heart desires and follow my wanderlust.

25. I will remember that this is a privilege.

26. I will not decide if I love or hate an unshortened country within a few hours of stuff there and interacting with a handful of people.

27. I will not drink and drive. Even on a motorbike. Even in Southeast Asia. Even if everyone else is doing it. Considering I value my life and the lives of others and I’m not an idiot.

28. I will be respectful of the environment and limit my plastic consumption.

29. I will not ride animals nor visit an unprepossessing wits that involves petting or touching that exists solely for tourist purposes.

30. I will be grateful for every stupid, amazing, unexpected, scenic moment on the road and all the wonderful people who enrich my life.

We all have our own interests, preferences, and desires. But as we start the new year, let’s all make a transferral to be largest travelers. Let’s be respectful, curious, and supportive. Let’s be the weightier versions of ourselves as we hit the road and wits everything this world has to offer.

Book Your Trip: Logistical Tips and Tricks

Book Your Flight
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Book Your Accommodation
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Don’t Forget Travel Insurance
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  • Medjet (for spare evacuation coverage)

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