14 Things For Travelers To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Flight To Delhi

14 Things For Travelers To Keep In Mind Before Booking A Flight To Delhi

Delhi has her own charm!

Delhi, the national capital of India, also known as the Dilli or Dehli, is definitely a must-visit. The crowded streets, food, the museums, and the monuments - Delhi has her own charm. But if you are planning on visiting Delhi, you gotta be aware of some stuff.

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1. Getting to the city

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If you are landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport (you most probably are), you can get to the city via the Delhi metro or cabs.

2. The best time to visit Delhi is during February and March

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The months from April to July are very hot summer months, August and September is rainy season. December and January are very cold winter months. Even though October and November months are good times to visit, climate-wise, the air quality is at the lowest during this time. 

3. Learn basic Hindi phrases

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Delhi is a metropolitan city and most people can speak English. That being said, learning basic Hindi phrases can make your trip a bit easier.

4. Delhi is crowded

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Delhi is a densely populated city. Be prepared for the crowded streets, public transport, markets, and tourist places.

5. Keep your belongings safe

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Even the locals get their wallets and phones stolen on a daily basis in the streets of Delhi. Pickpocketing is a major issue. Make sure to keep your stuff safe.

6. Pre-agree and bargain before entering taxis, cycle rickshaws, and autorickshaws

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It's always a safe bet to establish a cost of travel before entering into these modes of transportation. 

7. Make use of Delhi metro

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Delhi has a well-connected metro line. Most tourist spots and monuments have metro stations within walking distance. It is cheap and saves you from the crazy traffic of Delhi.

8. Make sure to check the visiting times before going to a place

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Different tourist spots in Delhi have different functioning times. Make sure to check these while you plan your trip. Some places, especially worship places, have dress codes. Make sure to follow these.

9. Visit local markets and places, not just monuments or tourist places

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Delhi is definitely famous for its historical monuments and museums, but do make a plan to visit local markets there as well!

10. Stick to bottled water for drinking

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Tap water in Delhi is usually not for drinking purposes unless it's RO treated. 

11. Be prepared for stares and selfies

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If you are a non-Indian person visiting Delhi, you might be stared at, in some places at least. People might also come up to you and ask for selfies. 

12. Wear face masks

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No, not because of the pandemic. Delhi's air quality is very bad and can make you sick, especially if you have preexisting respiratory conditions.

13. Try out Delhi's street food

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Delhi is famous for its street food. Try out the Gol Gappes, momos, Old Delhi's Sherbet-e-Mohabbet, chole kulche, and more. 

14. Carry sanitisers and toilet paper rolls

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Toilet paper rolls are not available in most public toilets in Delhi. If you are planning to go street food hopping, sanitisers are a must.